Our newly launched franchise project is seeking people with an affinity and awareness of the field, for the establishment and management of a promising and prospering business.

Our workshop’s current production line includes about 600 unique and exclusive products, with around 30 new products added every year.

Our products are made of high-quality essential oil blends and extracts, free of unnatural additives...
“If it can’t enter the body, it can’t be on the body.”

Our products include: solid and liquid body oils; designer soaps; a variety of liquid soaps; bar soaps; hair creams; olive-, plant-, and flower-oil based shampoos for men and women; face, lip, body, hand, and foot skincare products; face masks and peelers; body butters; body fresheners; hydrosols; a variety of scent fresheners: for the home, fabrics, and the body; products for men: shaving creams, aftershaves, deodorants, and body fresheners; aloe vera and sage; a variety of essential oils; raw ingredients; extracts and tinctures; dried plants; farm products; and accessories.

Es-Sense is interested in recruiting superb, independently driven individuals to grow and thrive together with our franchise: We introduce the franchisee and employees to our concept for building and opening a store. We teach, train, and prepare them to operate the store professionally and manage it in accordance with our values and franchise guidelines.

Es-Sense has created a plan for you, the franchisee, requiring a relatively low financial investment for opening and establishing a business, with a much higher operational profit potential than the market average, allowing you to see your labor bear fruit.

If you feel connected to this subject, field, and these values, you are welcome to begin your journey with our franchise.

Once you join the Es-Sense team you will join a family with a shared interest, allowing you to grow and succeed with this unique brand.

Architectural Design:
Eran Amit

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