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Deep in the heart of a natural historic area with a rich agricultural past, in the world’s most beautiful city, in the city’s most beautiful valley, lies Es-Sense.

Our unique workshop, producing natural soap, spa, and beauty products, is located in the center of this lush valley, whose soil has always produced the best of this land of milk and honey, in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Es-Sense was founded by a couple who left his safe and lucrative senior positions in the high-tech world in order to pursue their dream of creating a better world. They founded a workshop for producing a wide range of quality natural products, employing individuals with autism mentored by students from an agricultural high school. The employees and students work together in a supportive environment throughout the entire production process: preparing the soil, sowing seeds, planting, growing, picking, and harvesting.

Our workshop then uses the essential oils extracted from crops grown in this rich and abundant earth to produce a variety of world-class natural products.

Today, following five years of operation, Es-Sense’s products compete with the best manufacturers in Israel and the world, meeting the industry’s strictest standards. We produce over 600 natural products: spa, cosmetic, and beauty products; soaps; and 100% natural essential oils, almost all entirely based on plants grown by our workshop and the agricultural school.

The oils used in the production of our body- and skincare products come from hundreds of acres planted with olive trees, lemon eucalyptus trees, lavender bushes, herbs, carpets of damask roses, greenhouses for growing aloe vera plants and sage, and dozens of other plants.
In addition, our project is cultivating a herd of goats and a flock of quails, which provide our workshop with fresh milk and quail eggs, both of which contain vital active ingredients added to our products.
Es-Sense’s financially independent social-educational project is not supported by any donations or outside funding, and is completely self-sufficient due to the high quality of the products sold at our flagship store and in countries around the world: Finland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Mexico, and Ghana.
In order to strengthen our workshop’s activity and ensure our sustainability, we are taking our economic operation to the next level: we plan to open franchises all over Israel and world wide, and introduce our unique products to the Israeli and world wide public.

Itsik Daya
Business development & Marketing


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